Things to Check Out This Weekend

I’ve decided to make this a bi-weekly post instead of every week.  Here’s some stuff I would recommend you checking out.


10 Assumptions You Should Stop Making About Your Clients – Pete Dupuis

I really liked this post about gym ownership.


Kneeling Chin Ups – Ben Bruno

Ben is one of the best trainers in the world, and this is a great variation of chin ups that takes away someone’s ability to swing or “kip” which I hate, while also helping them become more shoulder friendly.


I believe instilling self-ownership and accountability in my teenage athletes to be of equal importance as making them more athletic.  However, it’s a lot more challenging to do this in a private setting versus as their head coach.  I’ve gotten creative, like as you see below – Chas isn’t allowed to train if he doesn’t remember to bring his protein shake and sandwich.



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