Stuff To Check Out: June Edition

Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights, Yes Even in Season – Tony Gentilcore

Tony is one of the best in the industry and lays out the importance of still lifting heavy in-season for athletes.

Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights. Yes, Even In Season

4 Lessons From Shoulder Surgery, 10 Years Ago – Me

No Laying Up Podcast, Bones 

Watching Phil win the PGA Championship was so much fun a couple of weeks ago. The guys at NLU had Phil’s caddie of nearly 30 years on the following week and it’s a great listen. I particularly enjoyed the story of how Phil ended up getting one of his swing coaches.

Mare of Easttown

We binged this in just two nights, it was that good. Kate Winslet was awesome. It really gave me True Detective vibes. 9/10.

Cressey Podacts: Nutrition Principles With Brian St. Pierre