Why Proper Overhead Lifting Really Matters for Volleyball Players

I spend a lot of time writing about the importance of proper overhead work when it comes to the countless baseball players I work with.  I wanted to write a quick blog post about why the same principles apply to volleyball players, and why they may even matter more.


1. The lower half isn’t able to help decelerate the arm.  The explosive arm actions that happen in volleyball occur in mid-air, therefore the legs aren’t going to be able to help handle their share of the stress from violently hitting a volleyball (as compared to throwing a baseball where you’re rooted to the ground)

2. Volleyball players can be a very hypermobile population.  Just take a look at the photo below.  This athlete who trains with me has far greater than 180 degrees of elbow hyperextension. Chances are her shoulder joints (and in this case they are) are also extremely hypermobile due to the congenital laxity genetics gave her.  Proper weight training is going to create good stiffness and motor control through all that range of motion she has, ultimately giving her more stability.

Elbow Hyperextension.jpg