Stuff to Check Out: February Edition

I think I was a little overzealous in my attempt in the fall to do this on a weekly basis – but would like to make this a monthly post.  Enjoy.


Nick Kroll on the Dave Chang Show

I recently started watching Big Mouth on Netflix – which is both outrageously ridiculous and funny. I also recently read Momofuku (Dave Chang’s cookbook) and found it fascinating and illuminating as he outlined the struggles and successes of opening his own business and then having it explode in popularity.  I found both parts of this podcast to be full of of wisdom.  If you’re a driven person and/or a creator or business owner check it out.

Tim Collins on the Eric Cressey Podcast

Tim Collins, who at 5’7″ has carved out an MLB career as a relief pitcher offers a ton of valuable insight to any pitcher out there.


Why You Should Do Cardio – Dean Somerset

Cardio gets a bad rap in the strength & conditioning community, but unless you’re purely a power athlete, powerlifter, or bodybuilder peaking – you should probably consider incorporating some into your routine.  Really good article from a mentor of mine, Dean.



This thread from Ben Brewster is excellent. It really highlights and outlines the importance of being loose and explosive – rather than muscling it.  I find this to be a recurring issue with most athletes.

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