Stuff To Check Out: January Edition

A very Happy New Year to everybody out there. Here’s some different stuff to check out if you’re interested.

Good To Great was simply awesome. I took a ton away from it. The writer (and his research team) analyze a couple dozen great companies across a number of spectrums and compare them to rival competitor companies and endeavour to analyze what allowed the great companies to leave the others in their dust in order to find common themes. If you’re a business owner or coach, I’d highly recommend it – or if you enjoy Malcom Gladwell’s books this is for you too; it has the same vibe.

What can I say about Queen’s Gambit? I’m sure by now almost everyone has seen it. If you haven’t, stop reading and come back in seven hours after bingeing it. It’s that good!

Seinfeld is my favourite show by a mile. I’ve literally watched each episode over a hundred times. His appearance on the Tim Ferriss podcast was awesome and gave great insight into why he has had the success he’s found.

Chas has trained at AHP the past few years and has overcome multiple arm injuries to get to this point. This is a major deal for an Edmonton area kid to be heading to a big-time D1 program like the University of Iowa. You can read more about it at the link below!

Here’s one of our athletes pulling down 99!

Over-cueing and over-prescribing the shoulder blades ‘down and back’ can be extremely problematic in an overhead throwing population. It’s actually quite common to see these athletes present with flat thoracic spines and they need to work on getting thoracic flexion, rotation, and driving serratus anterior recruitment to help get the shoulder blades to upwardly rotate and get around the ribcage. This particular exercise combines anti-rotation of the core with all the aforementioned and is a go to for my pitchers.