Stuff to Check Out: April Edition

Hey guys, here’s my monthly instalment of podcasts, books, articles, etc. I think are worth checking out!

Dr. Jim Loehr on The Tim Ferriss Show

“The power broker in your life is the voice that no one hears. How well you revisit the tone and content of your private voice is what determines the quality of your life. It’s the master storyteller, and the stories we tell ourselves are our reality.”

Daniel Bard on the Eric Cressey Podcast

Daniel Bard won the 2020 National League Comeback Player of the Year Award after a six season absence from pitching in the major leagues. If you’re a pitcher this is an absolute must-listen as there’s so much wisdom into the mental side of the game – from dealing with the yips to performing at the highest level.

Here’s a drill we’ve been using a lot with the majority of our pitchers lately.