Stuff to Check Out: March Edition

Stuff to Check Out: March Edition
  1. Musashi (novel by Eiji Yoshikawa)

“Please test the lowly Musashi with hardship. Let him become the greatest swordsman in the land, or let him die.”

This nearly 1,000 page epic about the legendary Japenese swordsman, Musashi, is now one of my favourite five books of all time. Why?

He is a character of incredible moral fibre, integrity, and a single-minded purpose towards achieving what he has set out to. I already want to re-read it because there’s just so many lessons packed in it.

“Never stray from the way.”

2. Jocko Podcast About Musashi

3. Triphasic Training (Strength & Conditioning Textbook by Cal Dietz)

I went back through this text after initially reading it a few years ago. It’s an excellent resource for the why and how to get your athletes more powerful.

4. To Kill A Mockingbird (novel by Harper Lee)

I decided to read this again for the first time since Tenth Grade English class. I couldn’t put it down. I loved every word. You want to talk about a character of integrity and exemplary moral fibre? You can learn as much from Atticus Finch as Musashi.

5. SmartLess Podcast: John Krasinski

6. The Meaning of Life, by Ales Hemsky

If you were a die hard Oilers fan, like me, through “The Decade of Darkness”, there were many nights where Ales Hemsky was the only reason to watch. This article penned by him was an excellent read.

7. Strategies To Develop Your Athletes Power, by Me