Stuff to Check Out: November Edition

Stuff to Check Out: November Edition

  1. The Baseball 100, by Joe Posnanski

This is not your normal: this player hit .315 and his WAR was X so he's the 17th greatest player ever.

No. The author certainly talks about each player's baseball ability, career highlights and statistics, but they're interwoven beautifully into fascinating stories about both the player and the era they played.

It's simply an incredible read if you're a baseball fan.

2. Shrinking (TV Series)

One of the most enjoyable shows I've watched in years!

3. Axial Skeleton Archetypes, (blog by Ryan Maron)

Part 2/2: Axial Skeleton Archetypes — Ryan Maron - Physical Therapist. Strength Coach. Writer.
This article looks at the main differences between a wide and a narrow infrasternal angle. I discuss positional breathing drills, biomechanics and strength training in relation to creating movement variability.

This was the most succinct and intelligent synopsis of why assessing the skeletal archetypes matters for athletes and how to allow your assessment inform every aspect of your programming downstream.

4. Mike Tomlin dropping wisdom!!

5. Ladybird

When I moved away to college in California at 18, I lived off campus, with no vehicle. There was no cafeteria meal plan. To say the wake-up call for a somewhat spoiled teenager was immediate and immense, would be an understatement.

I'm talking like, one day in after walking home from practice after a twelve-hour day and realizing I still had to cook dinner - immediate and immense A rush of gratitude (and guilt) towards my parents hit me like a bus. I related to the end of Ladybird in a major way.