Stuff to Read/Listen to This Weekend

I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned.  Up here in Edmonton we enjoyed a wonderful three day fall, and now it’s winter…


The Top 19 Nutrition Myths of 2019  – Michael Hull (


Free Solo (Documentary)

I thoroughly enjoyed this 100 minute documentary about Alex Honnold, a professional rock climber.  I love watching and learning about anyone who is able to master something and become elite through single-minded focus and discipline.  As Kobe Bryant said, “if you aren’t obsessed with what you do, we don’t speak the same language.”



Why You Should Include Fillers in Your Athletes Training Programs – Me

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Even More Complete Shoulder and Hip Blue Print – Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset


I’ve done this seminar twice now, once back in 2015 and then again recently this past May.  It was excellent both times, and right now it’s on sale (and you can earn CEU’s)


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