Stuff to Read/Listen To This Weekend

I’m planning on making this a regular feature.  In the beginning, a lot of the content will be from the archives: some of my favourite blog posts, articles, and podcasts that have impacted me greatly over the years.  Eventually it will be only stuff from the past week.  I hope everyone has plans for a great weekend.


Clay Bucholz A Model Mentor & Teammate – Shi Davidi

This short article offers insight to pitchers on how to handle position players making errors behind them.  Be like Bucholz in this regard.

Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Dr. John Berardi  – Eric Cressey’s Podcast

John Berardi does a phenomenal job of discussing how to help people make nutritional change.  They spent a lot of time talking specifically about teenage athletes.


11 Effective Exercises You’ve Never Done  – Ben Bruno

Ben Bruno is one of the best follows in the strength & conditioning community.  He consistently puts out great content, and if you’re a little bored with your workouts check out this article for some great ideas on how to mix it up.


THE MVP Machine. – Ben Lindbergh & Travis Sawchuk


This book was extremely entertaining and very informative – all about the revolution that’s occurring in baseball with regards to player development.

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